Google Knowledge Graph- Could Be A Reason For Next Bollywood Controversy


August 30, 2012 by Baawraman

Google Knowledge Graph is one of the most exciting developments from Google in recent years, but Knowledge Graph and Bollywood Controversy? Seems no relation in the first instance. But, as they say, everything is possible and so does it. Let me start from the start. Yesterday, when I was playing with random search queries and their Knowledge Graph results, I found something which made me to write this blog post.  I was searching Random Bollywood actors and their respective Graph results, I found the knowledge graph result for Chunkey Pandey too!!! No, thats not the topic of concern here, when I searched for Sajid Khan, Google came up with Knowledge result for that too and this is the area on which I want the attention!! Spot Lights Please!!! . Below the snapshot for the knowledge Graph result for Sajid Khan: click on the image for a better view.

Ashitosh Gowarikar? Is that true? Yes, Ashitosh Gowarikar’s image for Sajid Khan is appearing in the Graph Results. The source of the the result reminded me few years back on stage fight of Ashitosh and Sajid, the source for the result, i.e Google fetched this data from here: . 

I hope you guys remember that on stage drama too, if not, you can watch the video here at:

Now, it is clear that Google Knowledge graph works on semantically related data and can interpret the meaning and thus can represent the data in a graph. But, as for now, Google needs to improve the functioning of the Knowledge graph, as results seems to a reason of next Bollywood Controversy. I really hope that Sajid will never search his name in Google 🙂 . Having said that, the error in Knowledge Graph doesnt ends here for sajid khan, when I further drilled down, I searched for Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer, Google came up with below graph :

Is it that bad to have same names??? Both Sajids must be wondering.. Now I really hope that none of those Sajid’s in this universe will search their name in Google..  Lets hope that Google will soon rectify this and we will see correct image results for all the Search Queries.

And Sajid, Please dont use Google….

I welcome your comments on the above…


Saalik 🙂


One thought on “Google Knowledge Graph- Could Be A Reason For Next Bollywood Controversy

  1. Nidhi says:

    Yes I remem spat between Ashutosh and Sajid… Thanks for the video link 😉

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