E Commerce Optimization Tips For SEO

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April 2, 2013 by Baawraman

Optimizing an E Commerce website is quite different from usual websites and thus most marketers /SEO’s find it very difficult while dealing with such huge eCommerce websites. Unlike service businesses or simple static websites, which will typically have few pages to optimize, E Commerce websites provide ample amount of learning experience and opportunities for optimization. I personally love to work on E Commerce optimization , because this is the only place where you can actually work on some advanced methods, Google Analytics, Semantic Markup and Google Base for example. E Commerce websites come with some  inherent qualities — dynamic URLs resulting in duplicate content, duplicate meta tags  and a large product catalog — that makes it challenging to achieve a high Google ranking. So, those who think that Optimization of an E Commerce website is akin to shooting fish in a barrel,no need to read any further, probably, you should read something relatively simpler, may be  “What is Google Authorship” . For others, some highly recommended optimization tips while dealing with E Commerce Websites are explained below:

  •  Tip One: Keyword Research- Don’t Step Off On The Wrong Foot
  • Tip Two: Duplicate Content-  Enter Panda Update
  • Tip Three: Landing Page Optimization- If Done Once, Its Lame, Keep It Going
  • Tip Four: Social Media- Sharing Is Caring
  • Tip Five: Semantic Markup- Enter The Structured Web
  • Tip Six:  Google Analytics- Statistical Analysis
  • Tip Seven: Bonus Tip

Note: This is an excerpt of  my article, please visit http://www.dzone.com/articles/7-tips-optimizing-e-commerce  to read complete article, you can also download the PDF version of this guide, click here to dowload PDF.

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