Does Your Website Hosting Company Affect Your Rankings? Matt Cutts In His New Video Answers

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April 9, 2013 by Baawraman

If you are hosting your website on a host which hosts spam websites, will it affect your website’s reputation/rankings? Matt Cutts answered this in the latest GoogleWebmasterHelp Video uploaded at Youtube. Though, Matt’s answer was not a straight forward NO, but you really need not to worry in most of the cases. Matt said that websites which are legitimate, should not suffer because of the spam hosted on same server, so the answer to the question in Title is Typically, NO. Below is the video:

Although, Matt reminded an old and exceptional case whereby Google found that  more than 25k spam websites were hosted and there were only 2-3 legitimate websites, because the ratio was too high, Google took according actions. That being said, if you are hosting your website on a free host, you should think again, because most of the free hosted servers are full of spam and thus, ratio of smap is higher. Also, there is no harm in investing few time in analyzing few websites which are hosted on the server which you are using for your website, a quick Reverse IP Lookup for your domain would be very easy, you can use this tool:

Apart from this, site speed, as we all know that it is ranking signal and it has been included in many articles on site speed, Matt Cutt on his blog confirmed the same. This article explains how to choose a hosting server.


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