The Chronicles Of Arvind Kejriwal And “Aam Aadmi”

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April 30, 2014 by Baawraman

Let’s say you own an IPL team and the captain of the team is not doing his job properly, also your captain is suspected to be involved in a “Spot Fixing Racket”. Obviously, you don’t want a corrupted captain who can’t deliver up to your expectations. Suddenly, a young and energetic player cast his spell on you by his performance in a “Ranji Trophy” match. This young player has all the qualities to be a good leader; you tend to believe that the long awaited “Mr Perfect” has just arrived. Although, this naive lad is a good cricketer, but he is bit outspoken. He exposes few “Spot Fixing Rackets” in which your current captain and few other “possible” captains are involved, so you have no choice, but to select this young and exuberant player as a captain. As soon as you make your mind about this player, you start realizing that this player is bit obnoxious and hubristic in nature. In the name of “Freedom of Speech”, he defies every rule of an organized institution and is very intolerant towards his own criticism. Soon, he comes up with a 6 point list outlining his demands, which reads:

Dear Sir,

I am ready to lead the team, but below are my conditions:

• Maximum allowed pace with which a bowler can bowl is 70 Km/h.
• No fielder is allowed to touch the ball.
• No fielder will be allowed to catch the ball.
• No Run Outs.
• No player is allowed to appeal against me, if done, I will hit the player with the bat.
• No Umpire, no third Umpire, I will decide whether I am out or not.

It’s your call now, I will accept the offer only if you accept above conditions, otherwise, don’t blame me for not accepting your offer.

Considering the serious crisis in your team, you are left with no options and you are stuck between a moron and a murderer like “Anarchist” sitting on your head. Obviously, any darn fool can figure out that the above scenario is nothing but brutally Machiavellian to Indian politics and the “Anarchist” is Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal and his “Andolan” was an eye opener, every section of the society supported him and gave him an overnight stardom. Like any other obsessed-young-krantikari youth, for me, Kejriwal was a ray of hope in the darkness, but from the looks of his recent “dramas”, his devotees are now cringing in pain and embarrassment. When NaMo Namah was the only slogan in the air of politics, I was drooling over his middle-class-classically-mild muffler. Youth in India tends to be bit standoffish with Politics, but India Against Corruption (IAC ) brought this section of the society in politics which had a blasé attitude towards politics. The youth had a new hero to worship, who was more emancipated, relatable and carried stardom light on his shoulder. I still remember how I used to praise Aam Aadmi Party and was an ardent admirer of his vision. I was of the belief that Arvind Kejriwal has cemented his name on the walls of political history, a “kranti” was in making, like the one in which Mangal Pandey ignited the fire among freedom fighters. However I acknowledge the fact that drawing parallels between Arvind Kejriwal and Mangal Pandey is not realistic, still, we can’t deny the fact that Arvind Kejriwal is responsible for this big churn in Indian Politics. I still believe that Arvind Kejriwal is going to annoy our future generations in their history books, just like Babar, Akbar and alikes did to us. From being an ardent admirer of AAP to a strong critic, I crawled slowly. From issue based dialogues to potboiler stunts, which he calls as “Dharnas”, he served everything with his rhetoric and goofy soliloquies, under the cap of Aam Aadmi. What pisses me off is the brutal “Rape” of the word “Aam Aadmi”, Arvind Kejriwal exploited this word to an extent where I feel ashamed of being an “Aam Aadmi” and “Aam Aadmi” appears to be a misnomer per se. Arvind Kejriwal needs to understand the dynamics of Indian culture and structure of the society, we have certain classes and each class has a role to play in our cultural hierarchy. Please dont be mistaken here, I am not talking about discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed and economic status in any manner. Allow me to explain- The common man is common, not special or Mango People and you can’t tag everybody with the “Aam Admi” cap. As per his ideologies, he calls himself “Aam Aadmi” , but he is not, reason being , he is special, a politician, a leader, ex minister and for that matter, ex-Chief Minister of Delhi. To be honest, I don’t mind if he is provided with security, a lavish house or any other perks. These perks when used properly, can help him to work effectively and efficiently, I don’t want him to “look” like a “Aam Aadmi”, but I want him to deliver what he promised. Whenever he tried those “Aam Aadmi” acts, it’s the real “Aam Aadmi” who suffered due to his acts. While traveling via auto, local train or any public transport might look “Krantikari, Bohot Krantikari”, but the reality is that these “Krantikari” acts causes all sorts of problems for regular commuters. Just to get a feel of the common man’s daily transport routine, troubling the common man is not justified. I can understand that if he had used private transportation, he wouldn’t have had those bites in news channels, at least thousands of daily commuters would have reached on time at their respective destinations. These layers are designed not to create any sort of discrimination, but to ensure that the stardom doesn’t affect law and order. Kejriwal, please understand this and stop doing this for public interest, as I said, we don’t want you to feel or look like a common man, we want you to deliver what you promised.

In his recent political gimmick in which he was seen jeering at media, it was nothing but a confirmation of his histrionic disorder. Media coverage is like “food to his soul” and no, thats not a hyperbole, because I haven’t seen this much of exposure on screen since Rakhi Sawant’s debut. It appeared to be inspired from Shia Labeouf when he attended 64th Berlinale International Film Festival at Berlinale Palast on Feb. 9, 2014 in Berlin wearing a paper bag with the words “I am not famous anymore” over his head. Arvind Kejriwal slamming media in his rhetoric speeches is kind of same thing.

(Image Source:

I could have accepted this haughtiness from someone like “Kumar Vishwas”, who surely needs some self-policing on his speech, but I never expected this from Arvind Kejriwal. Media is one of the four pillars of our democracy, just because few media houses are under the influence of corporate world, you can’t make far-fetched conclusions. Even if this hasty generalization has some logic, with the same insane logic, every single politician is corrupt, because few (almost all) are, but that’s not the case. Yes, there is commercial element when it comes to media, corporate houses do have shares in some media houses, but he should have asked the same while he was travelling in a private jet from Jaipur to Delhi. He should’ve said “I will look at the equity shareholding of this media house before boarding”, but he didn’t. He seems to be overly bewitched with the epic George W. Bush rational according to which, “You’re either with me, or against me”, it neither worked for the USA, nor it will be of any good to our nation. AAP was supposed to fight against corruption, illiteracy, communalism and other prominent issues which our society is facing, fighting against media will prove to be an act of self-destruction. When a political party in which a large section caters to eminent and distinguished journo and editors on high profiles, accuses media in this fashion, question arises on those journo and editors who are testifying Arvind Kejriwal’s hideous remarks on media. Somebody really needs to tell Arvind Kejriwal to have a glass of water and realize that he is on the wrong path; he was such a force for good, he needs to refocus and revisit his modus operandi. When “Arvind Kejriwal” was nothing more than a name in India, it was media which exposed scams, rackets and played a vital and instrumental role to thwart “corrupted and tainted” politicians and corporate houses. It is quite evident that he can’t take his criticism in a healthy manner, or any manner for that matter.

One of the most important agendas of 16th Lok Sabha elections is to eliminate criminals and convicted politicians, but Arvind Kejriwal seems to have lost the path. During his T20-ODI like government in New Delhi, we witnessed mother of all ironies when his “Law Minister” broke every possible law while “raiding” Khirki Extension in New Delhi. An overly-enthusiastic-newly-appointed minister could have done that due to excessive adrenaline flow, but Arvind Kejriwal shouldn’t have supported this act, instead, he should have practiced what he has been preaching to other political parties. Forget about his ministers, he himself seems to be above the rule of law and he repeatedly made a mockery of law and order. Number of FIRs against AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are increasing exponentially, if he is visiting/travelling in any city, one can assume at least one FIR against AAP and(or) Kejriwal. FIR against Kejriwal’s drivers for not paying toll tax in Gujrat, FIR against Kejriwal for creating chaos at the domestic airport in Mumbai and FIR against Kejriwal for violating Section 144 during his two-day-long protest outside Rail Bhawan are some of his accolades, while n number of defamation suits are already being filed against him. When law is being violated by the leader, it sets wrong precedent and encourages followers and party workers to do the same. He wants to make laws while breaking others, which is pernicious for the society.

As I said, his definition of “Aam Aadmi” is too theoretical and far-fetched from the actual reality. He wants to give power to the common man, but he should acknowledge the fact that “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”. Politicians who are corrupt or facing charges of corruption were once a common man too; a politician without power is a common man. Mathematically speaking, a corrupt politician is a “calculus-integration” of a common man. Presenting fake bills of travel, accommodation to get few thousand extra allowances is a common man’s corruption, while 2G, CWG and other scams are nothing but “calculus-integration” of those few thousands. A mere change in the government is not going to solve the problem, we need to understand this. The common man needs to change his mentality and should realize his/her responsibilities towards society. We blame society, but we are society.

Concluding Thoughts: Mr Kejriwal, if you were half as honest as you think you are, you’d be twice as honest as you are.



This Article first published on Indiaopines, click here to read the original text


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